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Medium sized oven

Medium sized oven

Product name: industrial ovens (drying box)   temperature of 300 c

model: CX-JS series


product details:  

Studio size and choice of materials according to customer needs

temperature range: room temperature to + 10~250℃, at any temperature in the range can be adjusted

exterior wall materials: used 1.2mm A3 cold pressure carbon steel plate

finishing materials: the use of environmentally friendly paint for exterior wall (hammer finish), silver-grey color (optional)

insulation:  high performance ceramic fiber insulation, heat preservation performance is good

temperature control device: a CHENGNENG7412PID intelligent temperature controller, automatic constant-temperature accuracy ± 2 ℃

intake system: number 1, diameter  60  mm. Integrated control of airflow

exhaust system: number 1, diameter  60 mm. Interfaces can be installed outside of the workshops

measuring device: a stainless-steel armor PT100  platinum resistance temperature sensor, temperature precision

heating elements: tubular electric heaters installed within the tank duct on both sides

alarm device: APT/AD16-sound and light alarm, temperature alarm time is up, you can switch

:380V/50HZ  current and voltage for three-phase four-wire.

electrical components: use of Zhejiang chint.


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