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Electric heating blast drying chamber

Electric heating blast drying chamber

Product name: tray-oven   temperature (200 degrees centigrade)

model: CX-TP series


product details:  


the oven's housing is made of sheet steel, complex paint on the outer surface, between the shell and liner filled with ceramic fiber, forming a reliable insulation layer. Heater Division are packed in the bottom of the working Chamber, a group of heaters single switch management power switching, 101A blast, 202B-type blast-free.

and note:

1, the oven should work inside and smooth installation.

2, power input preamp/off switch should be device-specific, and due to good ground.

3, power supply, voltage must be checked, power wiring is correct, the power used.

4, in the newly purchased used or put on hold for a long time and then when should use low-temperature baking 80-100 two hours after the start temperature to facilitate moisture leaks, reinforced insulation and extend the ceramic life.

5, the instrument temperature thermistor probe lines measuring insert in the hole on the left side inside, not from the top of the box insert valve center hole, so as not to affect the use.

6, the oven when they are first used, should be observed to avoid overheating oven bad artifacts, resulting in the loss.

7, if they feel the heat used to slightly larger, you can turn off a group of heaters to reduce the heating power, prevent overheating caused by inertia is too large.

8, take the baked items: do not crash into the Studio part of temperature control to prevent damage temperature control leads to failure.

9, the boxes do not bake the explosive, flammable and volatile materials in case of explosion.

10, in case of failure, professional electrical repairs.

11, factory, Studio shelf for two pieces, instructions and a copy of the certificate


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