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Hot air circulation oven

Hot air circulation oven

Drug stability testing Chamber   (referred to as test case, below) is a constant function of high precision laboratory equipment, is biotechnology, epidemic prevention, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, agriculture, animal husbandry, aquatic products, such as the ideal choice for research departments, universities.

widely used in all kinds of medicines, chemical raw materials, timber, building materials and aging tests the validity of, as well as fungi, cells, microorganisms, and drug stability testing of biological cultivation and other uses.

2, product features

safe and reliable: double temperature limiter (± 4 ° c and the upper limit of 70 ℃).

environmental protection and energy saving: heat insulation using rigid polyurethane integral infusion, durable, energy efficient.

self-diagnosis function:  automatic fault diagnosis, fault code Visual instructions.

reserve the RS485 interface: computer communications or automatically printed after recording the temperature history data or curves, to access, archive.

clock display and timer functions: training time for observation, you can set the 0-9,999 minutes of scheduled time.

accurate humidity control: moisture measurement is accurate to 0.1%.

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