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Line an oven

Line an oven

Product name: tunnel oven (line oven) temperature 200 ° c

model: CX-SD series


product details:  

Overview of machine structure:

CX-SD series tunnel oven (line oven) will need to bake the product in the line is the role of continuity for baking in order to achieve the purpose of improving productivity

CX-SD series tunnel oven (line oven) housing is made of A3 cold pressure of carbon steel plate, inner drawing or mirror stainless steel plate, tank shell surface green paint, between the shell and liner filled with ceramic fiber, forming a reliable insulation layer. Tunnel oven can use Teflon or metal mesh belt conveyor belt, heating pipe installed inside the air duct at the top (or side air duct), room temperature + 10 ° c ~200 ° c can be adjusted directly, curtains using silicone rubber seals.

CX-SD series tunnel oven (Assembly line ovens) using far-infrared heating of the State Science and Technology Commission focus on the promotion of new technologies, far-infrared elements are heated to 2-15 microns of far-infrared radiation, when it was absorbed by heating directly into thermal energy, resulting in fast drying effect, shorten the production cycle, saving energy, improving product quality and other purposes. Temperature control instruments using imported components, fashionable, easy to use, save energy!  

applicable industries

coating activities: cars, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, refrigerators, washing machines, tiegui any surface you want to paint, electrostatic spray coating, drying, electrophoresis coating of moisture curing, drying, molding, and curing

textile industry: sizing, dyeing, washing, dewatering and drying of fabrics, dyeing and finishing of fabrics, heat-setting, tension-spoke styling, pine-shaped, fabric coating, curing, 80 ° C-300 ° c heat

the pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical drying, ampere bottles of dry heat sterilization.

chemical industry: drying of organic and inorganic materials chain. Plastic granulate drying heat molding and extrusion equipment   one-way directional heat.   Electrical and mechanical trades: welding rod chain drying, enameled wire, magnet wire production lines, such as curing heat source.

ceramics: thin small workpieces of rapid dehydration.

tobacco industry: slice dried sliced fast drying, foil quickly compound.

food industry: food fast drying rapid baking, biscuits, and beans chained fast drying heat.

vacuum: diffusion pump quick energy-saving heating, various types of workpiece heated in vacuum equipment, and a variety of non- -touch one way directional directly heats objects for application of radiant heating equipment and


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