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Vertical drying oven

Vertical drying oven

Product name: Dan Menli oven temperature 300 c

model: CX-LS series


product details:  

this type of oven is to absorb the introduction of localization, ideal equipment reliability of import substitution, designed for printed circuit boards, electronic components, power capacitors, dry baking industry also applies to other products.  


box shell SP13-quality steel plates, surface coated paint, color appearance, the film is strong. Bright Interior cavities using high quality stainless steel. Inside clean and bright, with glass wool for insulation, heat preservation performance good. Has unique design of level sent wind strong blast circulatory system, fill has domestic blank, solution has dry box industry for temperature not uniform sex, ensure has temperature of stability, control temperature system used intelligent even explicit regulation instrument, P.I.D regulation, thermostat line number close level bit, has reliability Super temperature power protection alarm device, has 1 points-99 hours time control, quality Seihei impeller, outside operation for valve, intuitive striking, regulation operation convenient, to unique design, and beautiful of styling, get customer of praise. Factory can provide dry boxes and computer connection (1~5V), (4~20mA).


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