Purification characteristics of drying oven
Cleaning oven features are as follows:

cleaning oven by efficient and clean two, characterized by open method before and after, inlet is equipped with a high efficiency filter, heated hot-air circulation, door locks and other features. Efficient for stratospheric circulation wind type (side to side), clean dry sterilization box is sent back to the end of. Efficient horizontal-flow circulating air hung box, under the action of centrifugal fans, hot air from the side of the high temperature and high efficiency filters into the box, returned by the other side, after 20-30 minutes since cycle, the oven clean up to 100 levels (with particle 0.5um particle ≤ 3.5 tablets of l). Clean the sterilization drying oven, commonly used for conventional drying and sterilization, but also according to requirements of environmental cleanliness, for some high cleanness drying. The company drying oven at one time working temperature and humidity temperature, humidity, temperature and shutdown temperature set complete. Boot control will automatically work in accordance with the set procedures, stop the belt until the work is complete.

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