Calculation of thermal efficiency of the oven
Efficiency formula itself is an ordered index and "entropy" (using a simplified s) associated.

   η s=A/Q=1 -(T2/T1)

  =1 -(T2/Q1)S (4)

   when the motion of microscopic particles in the engine order, and macro-development (work), the entropy s → 0, (T2/Q1) s → 0,


   If the motion of microscopic particles ordered, and 0 ≤ η <<1.

   (4)  Q used in an overall system's energy to do work, that is,

  Q=3PV or Q=U=3PV

   is the traditional thermal efficiency of heat engine



   he is a boundary of the traditional efficiency of heat engine, which is the root cause of why conventional heat engine efficiency is difficult to improve.

   when the micro motion when organized, (2), (3) two known A=3PV, so the efficiency of the engine in the new order



   clearly, the "hot" (the engine) the efficiency is equal to or 100% of ideal.

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