Oven instructions
Action steps:

connect the power supply and the drying cabinet using three-phase four-wire power supply, φ 2,AC220V.

turn on the circuit breaker switch confirm that the phase sequence is correct

turn on the power switch-on instrument temperature set set-time relay (total hours worked)-open air-heating switch

when the temperature reaches the set value, the timer starts working when power off automatically after a set time and alarm, reminder (time turn off alarm also stops), such as requiring long-term temperature heating no timer, turn the timer off

the oven should be observed when using for the first time, so as not to damage caused by overheating oven bad artifacts.

the instrument for  XMT7000 -type intelligent PID table

as described in the instrument manual instructions

1. check whether the motor turning and provisions in the same direction.

2. in the process of heating and climate, air inlet shut down with the vent open to the right place, in the process, you can open all.

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