Discussion on the principle of the cycle of hot air circulating oven
Hot air circulating oven is the use of recirculation air fan circulating air inside the box continuous circulation of hot air,

motor-driven wind turbines through the heater so that wind constantly circulating air,

hot air out through the duct to the oven Chamber, the air intake ducts again will it into air circulation,

This is the core of all the steps. Finally again a Silicon oven Crystal Whitney melted material reaches a relatively constant temperature within the oven.

hot air circulation oven cycle what is the procedure to do that?

a, first use NET belt dryer heat transfer properties of principle between the individual box within the hot air circulating oven transfer heat efficiently.

Second, the residual heat in the oven during the heating process, when residual heat reaches a certain value, it will break in the main oven is passed to the other subsidiary oven,

other electric oven would heat up and running.

third, the main oven from the beginning of the high temperature gradually dropped to a constant value, the other oven main oven heat will be absorbed by,

so all oven temperature can reach a constant value. To achieve the effect of hot air circulation, which is the value embodiment of hot air circulating oven.

the value embodiment of hot air circulating oven would be unimaginable!

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