Trends in industrial ovens and function introduction

along with social progress, improve the quality of life, the backwardness of the production has failed to keep pace with social development. Industrial ovens from the earliest development of the simple electric heating intelligent control system, gradually developing to multiple products from a single, digital display, computer temperature control, stainless steel tank, vacuum oven, and so on.

    the following oven gives a brief introduction of advanced on the market today.

  electric oven, stainless steel liner introduced instruments:  

1. temperature: above room temperature 10 ° c to 500 ° c or 200 or 300.

 2 ... temperature precision: ± 2~5 ° c temperature homogeneity: ± 2 ° ~5C.  

3. level/pressure air supply system.  

4. two large natural convection and forced-air blast.


1. liner using high quality stainless steel.  

2. the control panel there are two types: standard and comfort, programmable, and so on.

  II, vacuum oven instrument is introduced:  

1. the maximum heating temperature of 200 degrees centigrade.

 2. maximum vacuum of up to 760mm/Hg.

 3. injection of inert gas such as nitrogen or helium.   Features: applies not only to ordinary dry, and apply vacuum potting, water testing, curing, regulating and dehydration.

  third, the precise oven instrument is introduced:  

1. temperature range: room temperature to above 10 ℃-300 ℃.  

2. thermal convection.

 3. temperature accuracy: ≤ ± 3 ℃.

 4. uniformity of temperature: + 3~5℃.  


1. the advanced preheating furnace design.

 2. adjustable temperature overheating protection device.

 3. microcomputer temperature controller and digital timer.

 4. micro-computer multifunction controller, you can extend the timer, heating rate, heating power, print layout.

 5. connection, connect recorder printout report.  

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