Purchase the oven need to be attentive
Oven skill requested many, including more examples is the oven heating, 0~100℃ high temperature oven, oven temperature room temperature ~300 ℃ at room temperature ~ 400℃ low temperature oven 500 ° c is low-temperature oven. Measure from the oven, in a low temperature oven temperature oven to start there is much difference in price, and know just satisfied my request can, strange measuring high power higher and higher, for energy-saving responses is also relatively large.

         then is the oven temperature control request, often in the precision of the temperature control range of the plant can reach ± 1 ℃, measure of symmetry can reach ± 3 ℃, often just to satisfy the requests of depositors, do some special utilities compared to high temperature control requests to selected overseas export tools, temperature control higher, this requires depositors indicated.

         then there is inside the structure and data, inside information pursuant to requests of depositors choose, carbon steel (hot-rolled plate), stainless steel, galvanized sheet, and so on. External structure can be divided into, trolley, tray type, network layout, and can be customized according to the requests of depositors.

       Finally, some oven accessory parts, such as heated oven straight line, measuring recording instrument, overtemperature shield.

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