Tunnel oven how to run
Tunnel oven operation attention

     tunnel oven outside of rack, full adoption not stainless steel, adoption of aluminum silicate fiber fresh material, fresh good strengths.

    can be perfect control cabinet units, equipped with a voltage meter, DC meter and digital fire control instrument also has a generator adjustment device, electrical configuration, ensure that the tools run correctly.

   tunnel oven outlet equipped with HEPA filters, into the atmosphere pollution lost, simultaneous outlet also has a HEPA filter, back to prevent a clean atmosphere and simultaneous high butterfly valve throttle control air.

this machine is equipped with heat transfer area, Houwen, cooling, freezing and other sea areas, room temperature measurement category-200 and-300 ℃ at room temperature two choices.

    tunnel oven drive secondary adopted no stainless steel chain or the stainless steel mesh belt, not with the consumption of goods, which is not the same but ruthless conditioning requests for operation progress.

  tunnel oven electric parts adopt good breast red quartz glass tubes or far-infrared directional radiation for heating parts, high radiation coefficient, low energy consumption, boost and Wen Chongxiao properties.

    tunnel oven works

         tunnel oven under the computer system monitoring, bottle walks turn into tunnel oven with conveyor belt heat and low temperature area (measuring 5min) and high temperature frozen area. Stepless adjustable conveyor belt progress, measuring, monitoring and control system installed no paper or paper records. The entire process has been to Baiji under laminar flow cover.

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