Oven tape retention Tester
Main use:  


static loading test on adhesion of the tape, in a certain load and temperature automatic timing belt can keep time, to confirm the tape's limitation. Cut 1-inch-wide strips of tape in the provisions of the SUS#304 on the stainless steel plate, 2kg standard roller 300mm rolling back and forth at a rate of three times per minute, steel plates hung on the test machine, plus the provision of weight, when the tape after the plate fell, timer automatic retention test, used to assess durability of adhesion of tape.   Technical data:  


1. temperature range: room temperature ~70 ° c  


2. Control: micro computer P.I.D. automatic temperature control calculation  


3. temperature display accuracy: 0.1 ° c  


4. temperature control accuracy: ± 0.3  ° c  


5. distribution accuracy: ± 1% (1)  at- room100 c  


6. the standard roller:  2000g ± 50 g 


7. weight:  1000 ± 10G (with loaded weight)  


8. test   test   Board:  60 (l) mm x40 (b) mm x1.5 (d) mm 


9.    :  6 


10. Timer: automatic retention time  99999.9 hours (or minutes, can be set) for a total of 6 groups of  

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