How accurately operate oven
Turn oven fan atmosphere in the oven is the daqiufeng form into the object being baked. &Nbsp;

     opening the oven door after the first repeat daqiufeng (4 times running the Chamber volume) through heating switch, a small amount of inorganic steam boiling at room temperature then discharged outside the box.

     oven heating power gradually declined, to prevent temperature through heating pipes on behalf of rush measure or measure beyond inorganic combustion measurement of steam oven. Gasoline, for example, measured according to no inorganic materials with distillate, heating power of up to four. First gear at 65 ° c for high heat, Houwen for a period of time, measured low-boiling organic vapors discharged outside the box (approximately 10% per cent of total). Second at 130 ° c for high heat, so that the cumulative total of 50% inorganic vapour is expelled outside the box, which measured three to 200 ℃ heating, so that the cumulative total of 90% organic outside the steam from the oven. IV to 205 ° c heat, so that all organic outside the steam from the oven. Measure of switching between each leg smaller step-up rate should be maintained, and should be based on the object being baked in shape and arrangement of density to maintain certain Houwen, don't make all inorganic vapor measured at their respective boiling boiling waters left behind.

     with gasoline as an example only. On the performance of different inorganic compounds of all ethnic groups, boost Houwen approach should be built on understanding its functions remaining on the basis of ability.

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