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How to identify explosion-proof electric heater air, what use does it have
Explosion-proof air heater is a kind of energy converted to heat, heating to the desired heating materials. Air heater in work in the low temperature fluid media through pipeline in pressure role Xia into its entered mouth, along electric heating container internal specific for heat road, using air electric heater of fluid thermal learn principle design of path, away air electric heater in the of electric components work in the by produced of high temperature hot energy, makes air electric heater was heating media temperature increased, electric heater export get process requirements of high temperature media. Electric heater of internal control system according to lost export of temperature sensor signal automatically regulation electric heater output power, makes air electric heater of lost export of media temperature uniform; Dang air electric heater of fever components Super temperature Shi, fever components of independent of overheating protection device immediately cut heating power, avoid air electric heater in the of heating material Super temperature caused knot Coke, and metamorphic, and carbide, serious Shi led to air electric heater in the of fever components burned, effective extended electric heater using life.

     air heater is also a popular high quality long-life electric heating equipment. Air electric heater for the flow of liquid and gaseous media of heating, insulation, heating. When the heating medium of the electric heater in the air under pressure through the electric heating Chamber, fluid thermodynamics away evenly the air produced by the electric heater in the electric heating element in the work of the great heat, air heater is heating medium temperature is reached the user technological requirement.

     on its scope of application, typical applications electric heaters are:

 1 chemical materials, chemical industry heating, drying up some powder under certain pressure, chemical process and Jet dry.

heating  2, hydrocarbons, including oil, fuel oil, crude oil, heavy oil thermal oil, lube oil, paraffin,

 3, process water, superheated steam, molten salt, nitrogen (air) gas, water gas, and so on-demand heating fluid heating.

 4, as a result of advanced explosion-proof structure, the device can be widely used in chemical, military, oil and gas, offshore, shipbuilding, mining and other necessary explosion-proof place.

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