Oven maintenance

Hot air circulation oven operating and maintenance procedures
1  operation

1.1  installed items, close the door and damper valve handle up "cycle".

total power 1.2  open the oven, hot air circulating oven.

1.3  dryer controller "power on" button, the electric oven.

1.4  according to the technical requirements set drying temperature and the temperature of the upper and lower limit alarm.

1.5  press the "fan   start" button, the oven.

1.6  press the "select" button, select the heating mode for "heating", oven starts heating up.

1.7  temperature reaches the set value, the damper valve handle to the middle or "moist".

1.8  dry end, press the "fan   stop" key, press the "power   off" key.

maintenance procedures 2 

2.1  fasteners should always check the fan or motor is loose.

2.2  should always check the electric wiring is solid, ovens, so as not to burn out connectors.

2.3  should regularly clean the heating pipe to avoid dust adhesion.

2.4  should be cleaned or replaced periodically into the air and the damp exhaust outlet air filter.

2.5  should avoid hard objects, heavy equipment damage caused by collision.

3  considerations

action steps specified in 3.1  should be strictly in accordance with the rules, use the oven.

3.2  oven temperature of the controller parameters have been set has been completed, http://www.zgdry.com, do not arbitrarily change; if adjustment is required, and shall notify the relevant technology   personnel.

3.3  damper valve opening angle to be determined according to the water content of the material. (Recommended humidity valve handle to the middle)

3.4  non-flammable and explosive material in a device in the baking.

3.5  oven user actions should be read carefully before the instrument operation, dry oven.

3.6  encountered an unexpected problem should report in a timely manner.

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