Oven maintenance

Oven use of laboratory equipment and maintenance
1. electric thermostatic drying oven electricity consumption is relatively large. Therefore, it used the power cord, the knife switch, fuses, plugs, sockets and other must have sufficient capacity. For security, shell Bell line. &Nbsp;

2. the old-fashioned electric thermostatic drying oven, should be selected when using a suitable insert Oven Mercury thermometer (or incubator) top exhaust hole in the center of the window. In order to observe the temperature inside the box. The figures refer to the thermostat knob is not the actual reading of the temperature inside the box, and it is only when the temperature scale for memory. Inside temperature thermometer instructions shall prevail.   New electric box due to the temperature display is intuitive, not using mercury thermometers for observation.  

3. put on the boxes of goods should not be too much, too crowded. If dry goods more moist, exhaust window should be opened. When heated, can start the blower so that steam accelerated discharge outside the box. But don't let the fan run continuously for a long time, pay attention to proper rest.  

4. constant temperature in the drying temperature drying on the plate below, cannot be placed articles to avoid badly baked goods or cause fire.  

5. high temperature dry heat sterilization of glassware, after the temperature inside the box can be opened out to avoid cold glass suddenly burst.  

6. non-inflammable, explosive, volatile substances into the box, so as to avoid accidents.  

7. water-incubator, ohmic heating used must be filled with a sufficient amount of water in the tank to the buoy indicates "water stop" tag. In order to reduce the heating time, can add about 4 c higher than the desired temperature in warm water (for example, temperature 37 c, may join the 41 c water).  

8. incubator or water-incubator, immersion heaters, you must first add water heating pipes submerged after power on. Never allow power first, then adding water. Otherwise, easily burnt out heating tube heating equipment or damage.  

9. If you need to observe the heated indoor items, to open the door, through the glass doors were observed. Door number should not be excessive, so as not to affect the temperature.

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