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Daily maintenance of mould cultivation box approach
The main equipment of the incubator is to develop micro-organisms, can be used for culture of bacteria, cell reproduction. Principle are artificial methods resulting in the incubator of microorganisms and cells, bacterial growth and reproduction of the human environment, such as control of temperature, humidity, gas, etc.

mould cultivation box generally used in healthcare, bio-pharmaceutical research applications such as scientific research, environmental protection, agriculture, water analysis, determination of BOD, and cultivation of microorganisms, strains of bacteria, save and plant cultivation and breeding experiments of biological cultivation of special equipment.

1, with mould cultivation box bottom adjusting screws height adjustment makes Cabinet places smooth.

2, plug in the power socket (power good ground), press the power switch, display light display that shows the indoor temperature and humidity incubator.

3, the installation of the humidifier: the humidifier's power plug is plugged into the power socket on the rear of the instrument, then instrument the humidifier tubes connected to the humidifier, connected must close the connection. Humidifier water tank water must be according to the instructions on the correct operation.

4 temperature adjustment: press the temperature setting button, digital display set value, rotate the temperature adjustment the potentiometer to the desired temperature value, release the button, digital displays the actual temperature is indoors. At this point, such as incubators of actual temperature smaller than the set temperature, heat light is on, heater started heating up if actually cooler than the set temperature in the incubator, cooling indicator lights, refrigeration systems cooling; heating indicator light and cooling lights are Dim, the incubator in a constant temperature.

5, humidity: humidity setting button is pressed, the digital display of set value, rotate adjust the potentiometer to the desired humidity value, release the button, digital displays the actual humidity in the mould cultivation box. When the actual humidity indoors than the humidity setting hours humidity indoors at this time wetting, wet light when indoors than the actual humidity the humidity value is large, the humidifier stops working at this time, humidity indicator.

6, if the box is not required when sterilizing, sterilization on the panels should be the switch is in the "off" position.

7, after the temperature setting, just rotate the temperature control knob back and forth several times to avoid frequent compressor starts, causing compressor overload phenomena, affect the life of the compressor.

8 fuse box, this machine is back with the second group, the 2A? for refrigeration and heating load fuse box, 8A? for controlling power supply fuse box, if the machine fails, such as temperature control failure, not heating or refrigeration, to cut off the power supply, check that the fuse is in good condition, respectively, and then check the appropriate parts.

9, must be careful when handling, carrying, and the angle between the horizontal plane shall be not less than 45 °.

10, when the temperature is low, should be drained periodically at the bottom water tray water tank.

11, if the humidifier is faulty, please press the humidifier using the instructions on the warranty, repair.

12, when the humidity sensor is a long time in high humidity, condensation will form that is displayed humidity value will be high, if you need an accurate value of humidity display, you should shut down, the incubator door open, so at room temperature humidity sensor, naturally dried, you can continue to use.

13, in order to maintain the appearance of the device, do not use acids or alkalis and other corrosive materials to clean the surface, periodically wipe with a dry cloth inside the box.

14, if humidity long when not in use, you would water down in the box.

15, when the tool stops when in use, unplug the power plug.

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