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Freeze drying equipment care and maintenance
Freeze dryer prices often check the vacuum pump oil from the observation window for work, at least once a week, freeze drying machine oil should be added. Freeze drier air ballast work, freeze dryer will inevitably fuel consumption. Lyophilized supplement please refer to the specific instructions for use vacuum pump oil. Day freeze-drying machine work about 100 hours change oil for the first time, freeze dryer after oil change intervals depending on the conditions of use may be, 500-1000 hours change oil freeze dry machines-General requirements. Should, in principle, under the heat pump oil change. Lyophilized for DUO004 or DUO008 type vacuum pump should change motor oil every year.

freeze dryer/freeze-dryer's cold trap

freeze dryer before each work should be noted that clear the cold trap moisture in the room. Freeze-dryer if necessary, wipe dry and cold trap. Freeze-drying machine recommendations for freeze drying work before opening the drain valve (21), freeze dryer and then close it again.

rubber sealing valve for vacuum freeze drying machine

freeze drying machines for vacuum rubber seal valve and special attention.

freeze drying equipment every few months should check whether a liquid at the bottom of the machine there was dust and dirt, freeze dryer cleaning if necessary. Freeze dryer check the heat exchanger to rollover to lying on a cushion on the chassis. Freeze dryer can be used, where appropriate, high pressure air blowing heat exchangers. Freeze dryer liquefier dirty will increase power consumption or even damage to the machine.

freeze dryer do not turn over the machine!

1 breakdown tips

2 power off

freeze dryer power may result in material damage in the process, freeze dryer can save depends on the stage at which power outages. After the freeze dryer to drying and drying differences, after freeze-dryer drying, freeze dryer dry goods residual moisture is below 5%, lyophilized power for a long time will not be damaged. Power freeze-dryer the drying process it is recommended that ventilation, freeze dryer remove items stored in a refrigerator. Freeze dryer back to let out the condensed water before drying.

insufficient vacuum freeze drying machine

freeze dryer happen first check rubber seal valve drain valve freeze dryer. We recommend to remove the Panel on the right side of the machine and unscrew the water valve, freeze dryer plug the nozzle with rubber stopper and vacuum. Freeze drying machines can achieve the required vacuum, freeze dryer on the water valve is the problem. Freeze dryer caused by residues and dry rag head. We recommend that the power vacuum freeze drying machines use air to blow the drain valve (80) on the attachment. Freeze dryer need to clean or replace the valve if the above does not resolve the problem. Freeze dryer check the vacuum pump oil filling, freeze dryer need to replace dirty oil, freeze dryer check the pressure. Freeze dryer check the dry empty throughout the oil evenly on the sealing surface of the vacuum. Freeze dryer with 8 vacuum drying chamber should be picked when the rubber seal valve vacuum rubber seal valves, freeze dryer price/offer with rubber plug plug interface, check vacuum freeze dryer manufacturers and replacement rubber vacuum sealing check valve in turn. Freeze dryer price check the vacuum sensor, freeze drying machine for water evaporation residue clogging. Zhengzhou vacuum freeze drying machine sensor life limited, freeze dryer should be replaced if damaged.

freeze drying machine as compared to standard vacuum gauge.

freeze drying machine to find out where sealing is not strict, you can vacuum pump vacuum gauge directly in valve. If achieved, 0.011 mbar vacuum pump and measuring system for trouble-free. Freeze dryer sometimes for gel ice temperatures low enough not to vacuum (see 6?3). Freeze dryer not sure if the above steps lax sealing, freeze dryer TCE please check the small flange connection. Day freeze-drying machine under normal circumstances these seal rings do not require high vacuum oil.

freeze dryer pump does not work:

freeze dryer pump drive motor protection switch. General considerations: the vacuum check should be carried out when the deep freeze in the cold trap room. 12.3TPR250 vacuum gauge calibration of continuous work, correcting a meter a year less, because of its work point drift may occur, are assisted by "ATM" (atmospheric pressure) "800mbar" document. Two point calibration value: "ATM" = atmospheric pressure "HV" = General when there is no high vacuum high vacuum relatively stable, only atmospheric pressure calibration. Correction of "ATM": after ALPHA1-2 TPR250 sensor plug in the socket, power options vacuum instructions. -Open the vacuum pump for 15 minutes-mounted on the vacuum pump exhaust pipe TPR;-open the vacuum pump, vacuum about 3 minutes, and slowly the inlet;-approximately 10 minutes, TPR250, accurately indicating the atmospheric pressure, the operation "C/mbar" conversion keys by TPR250 "ATM" potentiometer test is the "AFF" "A-or" the transition point. "HV" correction: with good stage impeller rotation pump calibration "high vacuum" values. -TPR250 about 10 minutes in the vacuum pump vacuum-TPR250 "HV" 0.0026 to 0.0030 potentiometer correction value between mbar. Slow ventilation then corrected again. As problems in testing, the sensor should be sent back to the factory inspection. Vacuum sensor life is limited, should be replaced when damaged.

freeze-dryer's cold trap or shelf temperature up to

freeze dryer cooling system has an overvoltage protection, motors with thermal protection, environment temperature is too high or the overload protection device, cooling system downtime. When the working conditions for the resumption of (after several minutes), automatic protection switch machine running again. If no load of cold trap and vacuum cold trap room, cold trap should reach a minimum temperature of about-54. Check whether there is adequate ventilation (see 3).

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