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Common incubators of usage and maintenance
Current common use of incubators is mainly divided into four categories: direct electrothermal incubator, water-electric incubator, bio-chemical carbon dioxide incubator and incubator.

the main equipment of the incubator is to develop micro-organisms, can be used for culture of bacteria, cell reproduction. Its principle are artificial methods resulting in the incubator microsites

artificial environment, growth and reproduction of bacteria and cells, such as the control of temperature, humidity, gas, etc.


(a) the electrothermal incubator and water-electric-and water-incubator housing usually made of asbestos panels or made of metal spray paint, water-incubator

copper leather water sandwich, electrothermal incubator sandwich is made of asbestos or glass wool thermal insulation material, to improve the insulation effect, top of the incubator

thermometer, temperature controller automatic control of temperature inside the box. Incubator water-use electric heat to heat water heating, electric

box is used with electric heating, convection, temperature uniformity inside the box.


front and side in the incubator, has lights and temperature control knob, when after the power is switched on, red light is on, according to the required temperature turn the Rotary

twist to the desired scale, temperature is attained, the red light o Teman, and has reached the desired temperature inside the box, since the temperature inside the box and reliable automatic temperature controller



use and maintenance:


(1) culture should not be placed too crowded inside the box so that the hot air convection, whether in or remove items should be shut to prevent temperature fluctuations.


(2) electric incubator should be placed in the box is a container holding water, in order to maintain a certain degree of humidity.


(3) water-incubators should pay attention first with water and then powered up, and should always check the water level and add water.


(4) the electrothermal incubator wind should be top right swing open while in use, in order to regulate the temperature inside the box.


(b) biochemical incubator the incubator and is equipped with electric heating and compressor cooling. It can be adapted to a wide range, all the year round can be maintained in

constant temperature, thus gaining popularity.


the incubator similar electrothermal incubator use and maintenance. the compressor is installed, and therefore to comply with the refrigerator maintenance considerations, such as the

voltage stability, do not tilt, clean the dust on the heatsink.


(c) carbon dioxide incubators carbon dioxide incubator is based on the general culture of improvement, mainly to add CO2 to meet train micro- 

required environment. Mainly used for tissue culture and cultivation of specific micro-organisms.


1.CO2 incubator Setup front panel with debug CO2 incubators, Pan is provided with a power switch, thermostat (manual and LCD display

disk) and CO2 injection switch, CO2 regulation knob, humidity adjustment knob, temperature, CO2 and humidity display sets, carbon dioxide sample holes (use

in the extraction boxes of samples to detect whether CO2 reaches inside the box displays the content that is displayed on the disc) and alarm (over temperature alarm light).


(1) the incubator should be put in place is relatively stable, and away from heat sources to prevent microbial contamination and temperature fluctuations.


(2) in front of the power should be in accordance with the instruction manual, adding distilled water in the incubator (joined by best by adding a certain amount of water disinfectants

, as described in the manual), so as not to burn out the machine.


(3) when water is added to a certain amount, warning lights, water or stop, turn the power switch on and begin heating, set the temperature controller to the desired temperature


(4) when the temperature reaches the desired temperature, it will automatically stop heating, when the desired temperature is exceeded, over temperature alarm light is on, and give a warning.


(5) CO2 for incubators can use gas or liquid CO2, either CO2 for the supply of pipes must not be too curved to ensure the smooth flow of the gas. 一

a CO2 cylinder, connected to the pressure control gauge.


(6) the CO2 content of zero after the temperature and humidity inside the box (typically three days), turn a CO2 adjustment knob, to show the figure to 0.00,

adjustment if necessary repeat after 5 minutes, until the readings are stable on the disc are displayed. Open the CO2 injection switch (into the light), adjust the CO2 value to

required concentration reaches the set value of concentration concentration (into the lights), and for at least 10 minutes. Automatic adjustment tank of CO2 from CO2 controller

the content.


(7) CO2 incubator with humidity adjustment the humidity adjustment knob is pressed, then control Rotary reverse cultivation to the desired humidity, humidity control

Auto-adjust for humidity.  

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