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Daily routine of centrifuge repair
Centrifuge is a fast-moving device, security issues must be wary. Drum wall rupture caused by corrosion is a common phenomenon, for security

great danger, we must strengthen the inspection and maintenance. Of course, many factors influence the safety of centrifuges running, such as vibration, installation, and so on.

first of all check the drum, shaft, brake wheel and drum repair by the end of the Assembly is completed, must balance check, or with the vibration meter dial indicator checking operation

residual vibration. If not you will need to make dynamic balancing emendation.

centrifuges repairs upon dissolution, all parts removed, inspect the screen for any broken shaft check shaft after cleaning the surface finish, end of the cone, if necessary

shape and bearing grinding again; take apart bearing cleaning each part, carefully inspect the balls and cones for any cracks and patterns, and replaced with new. Check the shaft

spherical bearing has any scratches, then bearing room oil packed. Rotating drum by hand and check that the installation is correct brake steel belt if worn 1/2 for

new, with a magnifying glass to inspect the drum peripheral wall for any cracks and corrosion thickness. 2-4 wall thickness of corroded LMM. If corrosion than the original thickness of 1/3

replaced the drum but also check the drum cone at the end of the hole is good.

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