Oven maintenance

Mechanical dryer repair work should pay attention to what?
Mechanical drying machine equipment maintenance and the operation process in the, must on combustion chamber, and blower and dust sucking dust equipment be special of note; started equipment of steps is first started drying electromechanical machine, Hou started transport wet material equipment, again started dry material transport equipment, formed continuous uniform of job program; in drying machine running process in the to often check the part bearing of temperature, gear sound should smooth, drive, and support supporting and tube body Rotary should no obviously of impact, and vibration and drive. Drying machine equipment maintenance drying machine equipment do regularly maintenance, for example: Henan China Granville mechanical regularly check drying machine equipment various parts parts whether has loose phenomenon, as has to timely substantial, the parts should Shang lubricants for normal lubrication, don't appeared parts Zhijian of wear situation, boot Qian, check all of equipment, including drying machine of all drive part, support drag part,, are should tight solid, and normal, and lubrication, can extended life.

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