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Electric oven has failed How do I troubleshoot it?
Electric oven heats the air resistance wire, tube automatic control temperature to remove moisture of the material. Electric oven is simple, sensitive and accurate temperature control, safe, reliable and high efficiency ... The advantages of therefore used widely by industry to industrial, agricultural, research, medical and other industries. Also according to power and temperature control range is divided into high and low temperature type, when the temperature exceeds 50 ℃ during operation, often referred to as high-temperature oven, oven for short while during operation when the temperature is below 50 degrees, also known as low-temperature oven, also known as the incubator. Using electric oven in the process it is inevitable there will be some glitches of a hard material, now don't have to worry about teaching you how to troubleshoot electric oven common failure and troubleshooting skills.


     electric oven common failure and troubleshooting tips are as follows:

     a. Wind or no wind are small  

      1, check if the fan blade is reversed, reverse any two power cord line switch.  

      2 fall, wind impeller, open the oven door, remove the top fan blade cover plate, impeller replace the wind up, screw tight, then covered with the cover plate.  

      3, air motor does not turn, check the power phase failure, phase should be immediately shut down check the power cord, or motor is burnt out, you should replace the motor.  


   II. On the temperature does not  

      1, heating pipe around the bad should fold right out the oven heating pipe cover, replace the heating pipe.  

      2, heating pipe burnt out or the power cord connection is bad, be rewiring.    

     III. temperature does not drop  

      1 killed, electric contactor contacts burned out, electric power supply cannot be disconnected, you should replace the contactor.  

      2, thermometer is damaged and should be replaced.  

      3, temperature cable is damaged and should be replaced.

     IV. temperature normal, the fan does not turn

      1, instructions for entering the mains normal, staff should find motor-related components and parts.

RD        2, check fuse fuse is burnt, wires open circuit.

      3 the terminals of the motor is loose or unsoldering, one end of the capacitor leads from the terminals of the motor removed, use a multimeter to check if leakage or breakdown.

      4, motor fails, remove motor overhaul or replacement.

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