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Coating technology: oven introduce description and note the use of summary
Oven Shi de drying equipment heating wire compartment heating objects. It applies to 5~300℃ higher than the room temperature (de 200 ℃), Deng de baking, drying, heat treatment, sensitivity usually ± 1 ℃. De models a lot, but the basic structure is similar, generally by the box, electric heating system and the automatic temperature control system is composed of three parts. Its uses and considerations are summarized as follows:

1. the oven should be placed on a dry and level to prevent vibration and corrosion.

2. pay attention to safe use of electricity, under install oven power consumption capacity de power poles. Use de enough power wire, and there should be a good de grounding wire.

3. with electric contact Mercury thermometer-thermostat de oven electric contact thermometers should be top de de two wires were connected to the box on the two terminals. An ordinary Mercury thermometer inserted in the exhaust valve, (exhaust valve Shi de thermometers used to check in electric contact mercury thermometers and observing the actual temperature in the Cabinet de) de open exhaust valve hole. Regulation of electric contact Mercury thermometer to the desired temperature de screw on the fastening steel Cap, in order to achieve constant de de. It should be noted that regulation do not indicate iron spin to scale out.

4. when all the preparations before they can put the sample into the oven, and then connect and turn on the power, red light indicates heating inside the box. When the temperature when the temperature is reached, the red light is off the green light, start thermostat. In order to prevent failure of temperature control, must also take care.

5. put samples should note the arrangement should not be too thick. Test plate should not be placed on goods so as not to affect the heat flow to the flow. Ban baked flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive de item.

6. when observation work samples are required, without the door can be opened through the glass door to observe. But the door to open as little as possible for good, so as not to affect the temperature. Shi when working in more than 200 ℃, in particular, has the potential to open door glass doors break up cold.

7. de oven blower, heating and temperature in de blower must be turned on, otherwise affect the Studio de uniformity of temperature and damage the heating element. 8. the work finished in time after cutting off power supply to ensure safety.

9. to clean inside and outside of oven.

10. when in use, temperature do not exceed the temperature of oven de.

11. to prevent scalding, take samples with specialized tools.

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