1. the oven must be applied to indoor levels, to maintain dry and well protected against humidity and moisture and to prevent erosion.

2. the oven shelving Department needs to have certain time intervals certainly away from the wall on all sides, proposed to have 1 m above.

3. before use examine voltage, small oven required voltage is 220V, larger oven to the required voltage of 380V (three phase and four wire), according to the oven remaining quantitative power switch power consumption device. Select the suitable supply lead. Should also run the antenna runs.

4. after the run ready, you can put the sample into the oven, and then joined the power, closed oven switch, belt blower install the oven, in the process of heating and Houwen hairdryer must be closed, or Studio measuring symmetry, and can protect heating element. Then adjust for sample drying loss measure oven that is running into form.

5. bake items on display were not able too dense, baked the bottom (heat sink) no can be placed on an object, that reaction dry to stop baking explosive, flammable items and item evaporation and erosion.

6. roast first cut off the current source of the end, but can open running room ahead, remember that no indirect touch baked items, use public machines or objects with a sound fist get baked, so burns.

7. run indoor oven to remain clean and dry.

8. when using the oven, measure no measure can go beyond the highest use of oven, oven at 250 degrees.